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1. Banking Information

1a. Set Banking Information

2. Payment Information

3. Default Tax Rate

4. Set Purchase Order Receipts

The Accounting page is where you handle all of your company's financial settings in Paperless Parts. We've made it easy to update Banking Information, set Payment Information, establish a Default Tax Rate, and set Purchase Order Receipts. 

1. Banking Information - How do I collect credit card orders? 

Your payment (minus the processing fee) will sit in an escrow account in your name. It will remain there until you click 'Ship Parts + Collect Payout' in the Orders page. You will then receive your payment in at least two business days (depending on your bank). 

Note - This information is required by our payment provider, Stripe. Read here to understand why we require this information!

1a. Set your Banking Information. Here you can fill in all information related to your Banking Information.

2. Set your payment information. Your credit card will be charge on the first day of the month for the Paperless Parts fees assessed for Purchase Order transactions you finalized in the previous month.

3. Set your default tax rate. This rate will globally populate your quotes! You can edit this anytime in the Build-a-Quote.

4. Set your Purchase Order receipts. If you are on the transaction-based payment model, you will be able to download a report with all payments from the last month.

Purchase Order Receipts

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