Assemblies FAQ

How do I change the BOM quantity? Why do I need to toggle to “Child BOM”?

  • You are not able to change BOM quantities for 3D assembly files. We are not a CAD file editor so we cannot change the structure of a CAD file in the platform. This would need to be done in your CAD software.

    For manually created components, you can do this by switching the toggle from “Flat BOM” to “Child BOM”. Once you do this, the Child Qty will turn blue, indicating that the quantity can be overridden. This toggle needs to happen because you need to specify which parent component this quantity is being changed for.

    For example, let’s say a piece of hardware is used in multiple sub-assemblies. If you want to adjust this component’s quantity, you need to specify under which sub-assembly this quantity is changing. The Flat BOM view shows the component quantity for the entire assembly, rather than the Child BOM view which only shows the quantity that is a direct child of the selected component.

How can I manually assign an assembly? What do those 2 checkboxes mean?

Perhaps a customer sent you a file with several assembly components buried in the PDF, or you have multiple single-component part files that you know will need to be assembled. This article covers how to perform this action and explains the checkboxes ("Should we convert the part file to a supporting file?" and Should we delete operations and regenerate them for the selected component?"). 

How can I convert an assembly to a normal single-component file?

You can not “un-mark” an assembly as an assembly, even if you delete all components except for one. If you wish to quote just one component from an assembly file, you will need to download just that component file from your CAD system and re-upload it as a normal, single-component file. Manually assigned assemblies will preserve the files for you to download and reupload. 

How do I download individual components? 

Users cannot download individual components from a 3D assembly model. In other words, if you upload ONE 3D file that contains the entire assembly, we cannot export individual components within the platform. This would need to be done in your CAD system.

If it was a manually assigned assembly, the part files will be downloadable. Note that the parent top level part file can be found as either a supporting file or a manufactured component level depending on what option was chosen when the part was assigned. 

How do I switch primary files on assemblies? 

You cannot switch primary files on assemblies, even if it was manually assigned. Switching primary files is only possible for normal single-component files. 

Why am I getting a “Failed to ______” because it “is in multiple quote items”?

This happens to both single components and assemblies. You will need to delete the component and re-upload it, or deep copy the entire quote item to perform the action. More information about deep copies can be found here.

Note. Once a component is added to the assembly in Paperless, users cannot move components around in the tree. The file would need to be deleted and re-added in its correct location in the tree.

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