Settings Page - Supplier Settings

Table of Contents

1. User Profile

2. Supplier Settings


Start by navigating to the Settings page on the sidebar.

1. User Profile

The User Profile is very straightforward. Here you can set your profile information (First Name, Last Name), and change your password.

2. Supplier Settings

In Supplier Settings, you can build out your company's profile!

A. First, set your company's logo. This will be the image all of your customers see on your Digital Quote. 

Company Logo

B. Update your company's address. Note - this information is very important. It will be the address from which parts are priced when considering shipping. If you ever need to change addresses, simply come here and update the information. 

Company Address

C. Set your email notification settings. If you are using our Smart RFQ Form, this setting will designate who in your shop will receive the automated notification and response to the RFQ. 

Email Notification Settings

D. Set your conformance language. This is the language which will appear on your Certificates of Conformance. We have filled it in for you, but feel free to update!

Conformance Language

E. Set your shop variables! This is where you can manage Markup and Overhead. These percentages will globally populate your quoting! 

Shop Variables

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