Post-Order Changes & Limitations

The following list are the changes that you are able to make once an order has been placed.
  • Update Internal and Quote Notes
  • Upload a PO for new and unshipped orders
  • Cancel unshipped orders
  • Note. Assigning/Updating an account of the contact, will update the order as well as every quote (even finalized). Changes to the account's tax rate will not affect the order. 

We currently cannot make any other changes to existing orders (such as updating quote item or checkout information outside of uploading a PO). We must first cancel the entire order (full refund), and then facilitate a new order from either the original quote or a copy of the quote. 

Please note that completed or partially shipped orders cannot be canceled on our end. If you have any questions about post-order changes, please reach out to support before completing the order.  

Cancel Unshipped Orders

Unshipped orders can be canceled. This action will initiate a full refund to the customer's credit card for the order. Click Cancel from the orders page, and the order will move to the canceled tab of the orders page. 

Completed and Partially shipped orders cannot be canceled. The Cancel button will be greyed out, or you may receive an error message "Can't update this order: You cannot cancel the order with Shipments". Please work directly with your customer to resolve the refund. 

Updating Quote for Order

Once a quote has been finalized, you will be unable to make changes to processes, operations, materials, quote dates, and salesperson / estimator assignments. 

If you need to make a post-order quote change, click Copy on the orders page. This will automatically draft a copy of the associated quote. From here you can make any updates to the quote, send the digital quote to your customer, or facilitate the order.

Facilitating an order allows you the option to select a different quantity, add adjustments (quantity, lead time, and unit price), add additional charges, and update the general checkout process (payment, billing/shipping information). You can facilitate an order on any quote, even the original quote that the order was placed. If the quote is still a draft, facilitating an order will put the quote into outstanding status. 

Note. Additional charges or add adjustments will automatically update the quote, and DigiQuote. This happens the moment you click Create Order (and regardless if the checkout process is completed in full).

More information on How to Facilitate Orders

Refunding Orders

We only allow  full refunds for the entire order. Canceling an order will initiate this refund/cancelation. We do not handle partial refunds or cancelation fees. Please work directly with your customer to resolve any partial refunds.

Canceling orders placed via credit card, will prompt you to send a refund notification to the customer, at this point you are able to BCC yourself or others. The refund template can be update from Settings / Email Templates. 

Canceling orders placed via purchase order and may require a refund. Please note this action will not send a cancelation/refund email. You may need to work directly with your customer to resolve PO cancelations. 

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