Customer Email: Paperless Parts Update

Below is an email template for you to send to your customers informing them of the change to Paperless Parts, providing resources on how to use the Smart RFQ Form and Digital Quote, and requesting CAD files.

[Customer Name],

We have recently implemented software, Paperless Parts, to automate and streamline our quoting process to provide our customers with the best experience and to ensure all of their data is protected with the highest level of security. 

Paperless Parts enables us to analyze 3D CAD geometry and automatically estimates setups, setup times, and run times. This system also gives us the ability to securely collaborate with customers looking for feedback on the manufacturability of their parts in real time. 

We can now provide our customers with:

We also advise that in your RFQs, you please submit CAD files, and STEP files are preferred, along with supplemental print files. 

We recognize the importance of protecting our customers’ intellectual property and that the cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving. The Paperless Parts platform offers the power of a cloud-based solution combined with the highest level of cybersecurity in line with new CMMC regulations. 

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