Managing Your Team as a Part Viewer User

Welcome to the Teams Page! Here, you can manage information and permissions for all of your team members. Let's see how to do it! 

Please note, the instructions below pertain to Part Viewer account users only. If you are a Quoting Tool seat holder (subscription holder) please click this link.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Add Team Members

3. Search for Team Members

4. Edit and Delete Team Members

1. Introduction

First, navigate to the Teams page by clicking the Team Button on the toolbar.

The Team page will be your home base for managing all members of your company involved with Paperless Parts. Let's walk through how to add a new team member.

2. Add Team Members

The Add Team Member action is in the top left-hand of the Team Page. You will be redirected to a new page.

Build out your new Team Members profile! Then, click Invite. Your new Team member will receive an email with instructions on how to log in with Paperless Parts!

3. Search for Team Members

As you grow and more Team Members to the platform, you can search for users in top right-hand part of the Team page screen. You can search by Name, Job Title, and Email.

4. Edit and Delete Team Members

Note - You can edit or delete your team members by accessing the pencil or trash bin next to their names. If you would like to change or identify the Admin of your account, or if you have further questions, please contact

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