14. Creating Dashboard Filters and Exporting

This resource will explain how to create, utilize, and save quote filters. Additionally export quote and order information from the filters.

Please see Export Quotes, Orders, Contacts for information on what is included in these exports, or if you would like to export individual quotes, contacts/accounts, or from advanced analytics!

Table Of Contents

1a. Create Quote Filters

1b. Save Quote Filters to Dashboard

1c. Export Quotes

2a. Create Order Filters

2b. Export Orders

Create Quote Filters

Search and gain more visibility on your quotes page with the filter functionality. Click on Show Filters to get started! Filter your quotes dashboard by account, contact, salesperson, estimator, dates, and operations/processes. All date filters can be further adjusted by clicking on the drop-down. Note. the after date filter includes the date selected.

After clicking Apply Filters, view your results in each status tab! There will be a banner at the top of the quotes page with the option to save the filter to the dashboard, save results to a CSV, and clear results/filter by clicking Remove Filters. 

Save Quote Filters to Dashboard

Once a filter has been applied, it can be saved to your home dashboard for quick access by clicking Save to Dashboard. Give it a name and it will join all your other saved filters. 

Click on any saved filter to quickly navigate to the results on your quote dashboard. 

Export Quotes

After applying a quote filter, save the results as a .CSV export. This will be downloaded to your default folder on your computer.

Create Order Filters

Navigate the orders page by company, customer, salesperson, estimator, price, payment status, order dates, and process. Click on Show Filters to get started! 

Once you're ready, click  Apply Filters, then Hide Filters. Your results will automatically populate according to what is filled out on the show filter pop-up. 

Export Orders 

After filling out your filter, click Show Filters, then Export to save results to a CSV file. This export is according to what is filled out on the show filter pop-up.

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