Filtering quotes and orders

Learn how to create and save quote filters, as well as export a CSV of filtered quotes or orders. 

For information on what is included in these exports, or for more information on exporting individual quotes, contacts/accounts, or analytics dashboards, check out our Export Quotes, Orders, Contacts article. 

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Creating quote filters

To view a specific set of quotes, navigate to the quotes page and select Show Filters

Select the filter criteria, including account, contact, salesperson, estimator, dates, and operations/processes. 

Note: When filtering by dates, the "After" option will include results from the date selected.

Click Apply filters to confirm your selections and view filtered quotes. 

To remove a filter, select Remove filters from the "Filters applied" banner. 

Saving quote filters to your dashboard

Once a filter has been applied, save it to your home dashboard for easy access by clicking Save to Dashboard. Create a name and click Save filter to confirm.

Once you save a filter, it will appear in the bottom right corner of your home dashboard. 

Click on any saved filter to view results on the Quotes page. 

To remove a saved filter from your dashboard, hover over it and click the X that appears. 

Export filtered quotes

After applying a quote filter, click Save to CSV to locally download the results as a .CSV. 

Filtering orders

Like the quotes page, you can filter orders on the Orders page by company, customer, salesperson, estimator, price, payment status, order dates, and process. Select Show Filters and assign your filter criteria before clicking Apply Filters. 

After filling out your filter, click Show Filters, then Export to save results to a CSV file. This export is according to what is filled out on the show filter pop-up.

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