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Welcome to the Customers Help Page! Here, you can learn how to add New Customers and update payment settings for specific customers. Let's go! 

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Add New Customers

2a. Assign Payment Settings

3. Search for Customers

1. Introduction

First, navigate to the Customers page on the sidebar. 

The Customers page will be your home base for managing your business relationships. Let's walk through what your capabilities are here!

2. Add New Customers

To create a new customer, access the button in the right-hand portion of the top bar.

A window will pop-up on the screen. 

Customer Details - Add your new customer's Company Name, Email, First Name, Last Name, Phone, and Website. 

2a. Payment Settings - Configure your customers payment settings. Want to turn on Purchase Orders, or enable taxes? It's as easy as clicking the 'Purchase Orders' and 'Taxes' buttons. You can manage Payment Terms, set an Order Credit Line, and manage the Tax Rate all in here.

Billing/Shipping Info - Open the 'Manage Billing/Shipping Info' to update your customer's information.

Note - Your customers Billing and Shipping information will automatically be updated when they check out with the Digital Quote. In the meantime, come here to update their information. The Shipping information is very important as this will be where your manufactured parts are shipped to upon checkout with the Digital Quote. 

3. Search for Customers

On the left-hand of the top bar, you can search for customers by Company, Name E-Mail, and phone!


That's all! You now know how to work your way through the Customers page! 

Don't want to add all of your old customers? Send us an Excel sheet with First Name, Last Name, Company Name, and Email Address and we'll handle importing them for you!

For more information on how to handle your customers and win more business, or to continue building your profile, visit our Resources page!

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