What's New in Paperless Parts - March 21, 2021


Here’s what’s new in Paperless Parts v16.8.0

  • Deleting subassemblies
  • Workflows V1

Workflows V1 

(Detailed Instructions Found here)

You can now indicate a completion status on all quote items and subassembly components. Select the status from the dropdown in the item overview and the label in the part header will update accordingly. This status will help improve the visibility of what work is left during quoting.

These statuses can be seen along the build-a-quote sidebar, as well as in the assembly overview.

A timeline with workflow steps for each quote has been added to the Build-a-Quote page. This allows you to visualize the progress of a quote. Coupled with the Quote Item completion statuses, this creates an easy way for team members to get on the same page about the status of a quote.

Deleting Subassemblies

You can now delete entire subassemblies from the flat BOM. This will cascade delete all the nodes and child components beneath them. You can do this as a bulk action in the flat BOM or to individual subassemblies in the actions drop down.

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