Company Settings


The logo that will appear on the quote to your customer.


Your shop’s address. This address will be used when calculating shipping. If you ever need to change addresses, simply come here and update the information. 

Conformance Language

This language appears on your Certificates of Conformance. Download Certificates of Conformance from the Order Details page after you have finalized a shipment.

Shop Variables

Overhead and Markup: Defaults to “Overhead” and “Markup,” but you are able to update these names by clicking “Edit.” Add default values and determine if the percentage will be the markup or margin. These variables are applied in the quote item summary table.

Default Time to Quote: Default quote due date from when the quote is created. Can be updated at the individual quote level.

Default Quote Expiration: Default time until a quote expires from the time it was sent to the customer. Can be updated at the individual quote level.

Default Time to Complete Tasks: Default due date to complete a task. Can be updated at the individual task level.

Custom Part Attributes

Add global variables that can be used in all pricing configuration formulas.

Email Notification Settings

Here is where you can update the email notification settings for each Team Member. You are also able to add an email address that does not have a Paperless Parts account to include them in these emails.

Quote Send BCC Recipient

  • Automatically BCC this user on all quotes sent in the platform

Invoice BCC Recipient 

  • Includes this user on invoice emails, which only occur when a customer pays with a credit card

RFQ Notification Sender

  • The user email address that quotes will appear to come from when quotes are sent out in the platform from any user
  • Must have your email verified in the teams page in order to be able to do this. 
  • If no user is designated and the quote sender is a verified user, the RFQ will come from your email
  • If no user is designated and the quote sender is not a verified user, quotes will come from

RFQ Received Recipient 

  • The user will get an email every time an RFQ is received from the Online RFQ form on your website

Order Confirmation Recipient 

  • The user will get cc’ed on order confirmation emails which can be sent after you facilitate an order in Paperless Parts, or will automatically be sent if a customer checks out themselves from the Digital Quote. You can turn off the automatic order confirmation emails in the settings page “Checkout Settings.”

Requote Request Recipient 

  • The user will get an email if a customer requests a requote of an expired quote.

Payment Receipt Recipient

  • The user receiving your payment receipts from Paperless Parts
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