12. How to Delete Parts

How to Delete Parts

Manage and organize your parts library. Here we'll show you how to archive parts files.

1. Navigate to your parts library, and click Select Parts in the top right.

2. Select one or more part files. Click the Actions button and select Archive. The part will not be permanently deleted and moved to the Archived Library. Archiving parts will not affect existing quotes. 

Managing the Archive Library

Manage your archived files from the Archived tab of the parts library. Click Select Parts and choose a task via the actions button or the View Selected Parts.

  • Restore - the part file back to the Team Parts or Shared with Me library.
  • Add to Quote - add this file as a new quote item. Note that it will still exist in the archived parts library tab. Deep copies of archived parts will create a new part in the archived folder. 
  • Delete - to permanently remove the file. Be cautious with this action is not recoverable and non-downloadable. Quotes in progress with deleted parts will persist and store all dimensions if needed for operations. Any notifications or task assignments will not be viewable after deleting the part file, but may still show up on your dashboard or notifications list. Trying to view notifications or assignments on deleted parts will produce a "Failed to Fetch Part File. Unknown Error".

Completed quotes operations setup and pricing will not be affected, and there will be a "File Deleted" file in place of the quote item. 

How do Archived or Deleted Parts affect Existing Quotes? 

Archiving and deleting parts will not have adverse effects on current quotes. The quote will retain all interrogation information if needed to perform operations. Archived parts can be restored and will appear as normal on the quote. Deep copies of archived parts will create a new archived part. Deleted parts will say "File Deleted" and can no longer be downloaded. Deleted parts will retain quote information. 

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