What's New in Paperless Parts - February 8, 2021

International Contacts and Accounts

Add international addresses to accounts

You now have the ability to manage international contacts, accounts, facilities and billing addresses in Paperless Parts. This can be done during the account creation process or by editing an existing account. 

This allows you to facilitate orders to anywhere in the world and your customers can checkout from anywhere too. 

Delete Contacts and Accounts

As a follow-on to the changes made to the Contacts tab, you now have the ability to delete a contact or account. 

Specify when an ‘Offline’ RFQ was received

On quotes you can now select the date that the RFQ was received, allowing you to track how long your customer has been waiting. 

Other Convenient Updates:

  • With assemblies, the “Per Unit Price” operation is now relative to deliver quantity
  • You can now set the subject for the email invite for External Chat
  • You can now set a default time for new tasks. This is done in the setting page under “Shop Variables”
  • You can now regenerate operations for a component. This is done by selecting the component and clicking “Actions”
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