13. Paperless Search Overview

Paperless Search is a tool that allows a user to search any word on the Paperless Parts platform. Quickly and easily query all of your historical quote data, contacts, and more. 

  • Part, quote, and order numbers
  • Contact Information
  • Processes, operations, finishes, and add-ons
  • Quote Note and PDF text search

Note. There are two types of part and revision numbers that may differ: (1) Part library part/rev number which can be edited from the part viewer and (2) Quote item level part/rev number edited from the build-a-quote page.

Adding new parts will auto-populate with the part library part/revision number. The part library part number will remain unchanged if you update the quote item part number (unless there is no part library number). Regardless of searching for either the quote item or part library part number, our search function will still be able to find the right part. 

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