Managing Purchased Components

Managing Purchased Components

You manage your purchased components data and column "schema" from the "Purchased Components " tab of the "Configure" page.

In this page, you can configure what additional columns you want your purchased components to have in addition to the three default categories of: OEM Part Number, Internal Part No, Piece Price, and Description.

In this page, you also can add, update, delete, bulk download, and bulk import purchased components. We recommend you pull a purchased component CSV from your existing ERP system and match the custom columns to the columns that you utilize in your ERP system.

When setting up your purchased components, we recommend communicating with your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

The video below will summarize how to manage your purchased components from the "Processes" page:

Add Custom Columns

Add your own custom columns in addition to the required columns (OEM Part Number, Internal Part No, Piece Price, and Description)! Begin by navigating to the purchased components page and clicking edit columns, and then add column.

Hover your mouse over the (i) icon over each variable for more information.

Column Name

  • Display name on table view

Code Name

  • Name that will be used to access this column in pricing formulas. This must be a valid identifier that can be used with "dot" notation. The form will auto-generate the code name for you when specifying Column Name as a snake_case string.
  • e.g. For a column name of "Insertion Time" the code name will be "insertion_time". This column would be used in formulas via "purchased_component.insertion_time". Read more about PC attributes in P3L in this resource.

Value Type

  • The type of value of the column. This can be numeric, string, or Boolean.

Default Value

  • The default value for this column when adding new components. This must match the typing specified in Value Type

Edit Columns

Clicking the edit column button from the table view. Navigate to the column and click edit. This is similar to when adding After updating the column, it will ask you if you would like to Update Existing Components. 

If yes, we will update all components with the previous default value to the newly specified default value.

If no, existing components will remain unaffected, and the new default value will just be the default moving forward.

Create Purchased Components

+New Purchased Component 

Update Purchased Components

From the table view, click on the row of the PC you would like to update.

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