What's New in Paperless Parts - January 11, 2021

New Feature: Supplier Materials 

Paperless Parts now enables you to add your own supplier materials. To do this, navigate to the materials page within the processes tab and select the global material that you would like to add a custom option to.  Click “Add New”. Enter the desired nomenclature, hit Save and then refresh your page and the material will be available for use in quotes. 

If you feel as though a material should be added to the Paperless Parts global materials database, please reach out to support@paperlessparts.com. Paperless Parts would like to add things like color variants, popular heat treats, and entirely new material compositions to its global database. 

Duplication of Operations 

You can now duplicate your existing operations to create copies of them for use in new operations. To do this simply go to the Processes tab, navigate to Operations, select the Operation you want to make a copy of. Scroll down and click “Duplicate”. This will generate a new Operation with the same logic of the original. 

Other Improvements:

  • You can now drag and drop supporting documents in both the Build-A-Quote and Part Viewer
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