6. Customer's Digital Experience

Learn more about how to optimize you and your customer's digital experience with Paperless Parts. See how the Smart RFQ form can be implemented on your website to gather requests for quotes; and the Digital Quote for a seamless checkout process and order builder.

Smart RFQ

The Smart RFQ implemented on your website help prospective customers easily and quickly send in their request for quotes. Depending on what you chose to display, customers can send their contact info, upload part files, select processes, quantities, and more. This will automatically generate a new draft quote for you on Paperless Parts so that you can quickly respond with a digital quote.

Please reach out to your CIM or support@paperlessparts.com to set up your Smart RFQ. 

Other Resources about Smart RFQ:

Digital Quote

The digital quote is an interactive and smooth way for your customers to view the details of the quote and checkout. When you're ready to send the quote, a link to the digital quote will be included in the email sent to your customer. 

Customers will have everything they need to build their order, including quantity selection, lead time/expediates, a 3D part viewer, and more! Once the checkout process is completed, a new order will automatically generate on the orders page where you can manage shipments/billing, and also communicate with your customer on the progress of each order. 

Other resources about Digital RFQ:

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