6. Management Team Capabilities


As someone in a management role in the manufacturing industry, you want to be able to keep track of quotes and make sure your customers are viewing the quotes your shop has sent out. Paperless Parts gives you this transparency. You can come into the quotes dashboard and see the number of unfinished drafted quotes, the number of overdue quotes, and how many outstanding quotes are pending. If your customer has viewed them, you can see the customers for each quote - so you know if an important customer does not have their quote. You can also sort the dashboard by column, such as price or quote due date, giving you full transparency and control throughout the quoting process.

The filters feature allows you to create customizable filters for the dashboard. For example, you can set a filter to see only quotes from a specific company that are due in the next five days. You can save that filter and see the results right from the main dashboard in Paperless Parts. You are also able to see high-level analytics of your shop based on your orders and order revenue, which you can also break down by customer. Using these tools from Paperless Parts gives shop owners and executives an understanding of the work their shop is doing at any given time.

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