3. External Collaboration

Paperless Parts External Collaboration allows you to communicate with your customers and outside vendors in the context of a part file. All of your communications will be stored alongside the part file and quote your team is working on so it is easily referenceable. When externally sending a message, you can directly annotate different features of the file, and tag team members who need to see your note. Additionally, you can allow your vendors to upload files / OSV quotes directly to the quote you are working on!

When sending an External Chat, you can set a chat name, invite one or many recipients, add a note and specify your permissions and a chat expiration. Each individual you invite will be granted a free seat in their own environment of Paperless Parts. This will enable your customers or vendors to upload part files, view geometric feedback, and communicate securely. Please note, external share recipients will  only have access to part files you choose to share, or part files they choose to upload to their own part library.

When sending an external communication, be sure to set access permissions and expiration date if required. Permissions control what files your customer can view or download, and the expiration date will revoke the digital thread from the recipient, so they can no longer access information beyond the specified date. 

See this resource for more information on how to share externally: 

How to Externally Share a Project and How to Adjust External Share Settings

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