4. How to Annotate Features

Paperless Parts enables you to offer complete geometric context with your customers and team members when communicating about projects. 

1. To annotate features, select the feature that you'd like to highlight. 

2. Go to the conversation and hit the '+' button next to 'New Message'. Then, hit 'Annotate Features'. Your supplier and team members will now have complete context as to which features you are trying to communicate about. When they come to the part and click 'Feedback' or 'Feature', they will be snapped to the exact feature which you've highlighted.

Another way to offer this feedback is by selecting faces. 

1. To communicate a specific zoom and angle, use the Selection tool and highlight the specific face or faces you'd like. 

2. Hit the '+' in your Conversation and select 'Annotate Faces'. This message will now snap to the zoom and angle associated with that highlight. 

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