10. How to Unfold Sheet Metal Parts

Learn about how the unfolding feature for sheet metal parts can help enable you to turn around quotes quickly and effectively.

Unfold Part Viewer

When the sheet metal interrogation is chosen, a step file of the flattened/unfolded part is automatically generated and can be selected to be viewed under the Geometric Features tab on the part viewer. 

The part viewer for the unfolded part has all the same capabilities as the original file and can even view features and manufactured warnings of the unfolded part. Double click on a feature to highlight it on the part viewer. 

For more information about the part viewer: Part Viewer Help Page

From the build-a-quote (BAQ) page, you can view the unfolded pattern and its dimensions for a quick reference. These dimensions, as well as others, pulled from the file can then be used with a sheet metal process and its operations. 

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