Product Updates

October 2019

  • New Conversations feature lets you chat with customers and other external parties. 
  • Assembly Improvements including viewing the assembly tree
  • Other Enhancements including:
    • Downloading the primary part file from the viewer
    • Search by "Purchase Order #" in the "Orders" tab
    • The CSV generated from the Quotes and Orders lists now includes a column for status

See the full list of updates here.

September 2019

September was a huge month of updates on the platform. Check them out in more detail here.

  • New and Improved Viewer Experience
  • Use the Internal Team Chat when viewing parts to make sure your team is on the same page.
  • Use the new Parts section to view the parts across the platform
  • Material Improvements

August 1, 2019

  • The Smart RFQ now prompts your customers for thickness when uploading DXF files.
  • We expanded the customer and company notes to allow many more characters
  • The Orders CSV now contains the "Ships on" date

July 25, 2019

  • You can now have negative numbers in your P3L pricing formulas.
  • Searching in quotes and orders has been improved. When you search, you will be taken to the "All" tab to ensure you see all search results.

July 18, 2019

  • The Quotes and Analytics pages are now faster!
  • Operation variables in the Operations modal now appear in the order they are declared in your P3L pricing formula.
  • Major Improvements to Milling and Sheet Metal interrogations. Learn more here

July 11, 2019

Updated Default Home Tab

You spoke, we listened. When you come to the Quotes home page, your default tab will now be Drafts. See which quotes need to be edited and which are ready to go, right away.

Edit Quote-item Notes For Any Quote Status

You can now edit notes in the Manufacturing Notes box or the Internal Notes box for any status. You can also add quote specific notes, such as true cycle-time, to continue to dial in your pricing the next time around.

New Help Beacon Location

We've moved the Help Beacon to the bottom left-hand of the page. Depending on your screen size, it may shift back to the right-hand side of the page. Reach out to us at any time!

July 2, 2019

Improvements to P3L Overrides 

When you have a P3L variable for an operation that is calculated based on other variables, changing the previous variables will recalculate new one. This allows for more dynamic variables and calculations to help you price your operations.

SES Email Verification Updates
When your teammate registers for Paperless Parts, they now also get sent the AW SES email verification that lets Paperless Parts send emails on their behalf. You can now also resend these emails to your teammates if they miss it the first time.

Customize Manufacturability Rules for Milling Processes via P3L

You can now customize your milling manufacturability rules! Contact us to change your hole depth threshold, minimum radii, milling strategy, and more.

June 26, 2019

See the following updates in the app.

Updates to the Quote Interface

The Quote interface has been updated to make it more intuitive and easier for you to add customers, find the information you need to quote, and apply expedites.

Override Setup Time and Runtime Units

You can now update the setup time and runtime display units from the ops modal. You can also change the default display units when setting up the operation.

Override Shop Variables % on Your Pricing Summary 

You can now override shop variables by modifying the %. This will apply the override % across all quantities.

Add Customers to Quotes By Searching for Their Company Name

When adding customers, you can now search for the customer by their company name in addition to their name and email.

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