8. How to Externally Share a Project

In the same way that we can communicate internally with our team members, we can communicate externally with our customers, outside service providers, or partners in our manufacturing network. 

a. To Externally Share a part, go to the External chat tab on the right side of the part viewer screen and hit 'Start a New Chat'. You'll have to provide a chat name for your conversation. 

b. Enter the email addresses of any individuals you'd like to add to this Conversation. You can also add a note which will populate in the email they receive. 

c. Next, you can determine whether individuals in this Conversation can upload supporting files, download parts, determine which files they have access to, as well as set an expiration date. 

d. After starting the chat, you can manage the invitations, permissions, file access, and expiration from the Channel Access folder icon next to the chat name. See our How To Adjust External Share Settings resource for more information.

We can tag teammates and annotate features in External Share as well! 

a. Select your features or faces, go to the Conversation, and hit 'Add Annotation' or 'Tag Teammate'

b. Then, select 'Annotate Features' or 'Annotate Faces'. Individuals you've shared a project with will have access to the geometric interrogations associated with the primary model. This is a valuable opportunity to communicate manufacturability warnings to customers. 

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