15. How to Assign Purchased Components

Let's discuss how to assign purchased components in an assembly quote item. 

1. If the component already exists in the assembly breakout, click the three dots and select "Convert to Purchased Component." If the component needs to be added, click the "Add Components" button, and select "Add Purchased Component." 

2. In the Purchased Component selection drawer, search for the purchased component you want to assign to the assembly component. You can search by ANY field to find the component. If the purchased component does not already exist, you can quickly add a new purchased component by clicking "Create New Component" in the bottom left of the drawer.

3. After converting/adding your purchased component, you will see the component in the "Purchased Components" list section of the BOM. The price will reflect the logic implemented in your default purchased component process.  

Failed to Convert to Purchased Component?

If you received this error message when attempting to convert, this is because the component is in multiple quotes or was duplicated on the same quote. There are 2 ways to resolve this:

1. Deep Copy the entire line item. Note that this will create a new part file in your library. Then perform conversion on the new item's component.

2. Download the component file, and re-upload it as a new component. Then convert to the purchased component. Doing this is dependent on how the assembly file is structured. It will work if you had manually built out the assembly on Paperless, or if you can break out the component file on an application such as Solidworks. 

More information about Deep Copies can be found here.

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