16. How to Manually Assign an Assembly

Perhaps a customer sent you a file with several assembly components buried in the PDF. We give you the ability to manually assign and essentially build part files to be an assembly.

1. Make Assembly

To mark a quote item as an assembly, click the check box, click actions or the 3 dots next to the quote item, and click 'Make Assembly'. If you select multiple files to convert to an assembly, it will ask you to select the parent top-level part. The other parts will automatically convert to manufactured components under this parent part. 

Note. We cannot revert manually assigned assemblies back to a regular non-assembly file. These files would need to be reuploaded to Paperless. The part files will be preserved as either a supporting file or manufactured component where you can download it to reupload. 

2. "Should we delete operations and regenerate them for the selected component?"

You have already selected a process that brought in specific operations for this quote item when it was not an assembly. Processes bring in different operations based on whether the part is an assembly or not (see pricing configuration). 
If checked: The process selected for the quote item will remain, but the operations will regenerate based on the quote item now being an assembly.

If unchecked: The existing operations will remain. 

3. "Should we convert the part file to a supporting file?"

If checked: This will not create a manufactured component and preserve the file for you to view as a supporting file at the top level. The primary file at the top level will show unable to display. Do this if the file is a PDF of the entire assembly.

If unchecked: This will convert the PDF to a manufactured component that can only be viewed from that level - do not delete this manufactured component to view the primary file at the top level. Do this if the file is a 3D model or PDF of a component in the assembly.

Note. This option will not be available for manual parts. The manual part's primary file will not be converted to a supporting file or manufactured component.

4. Build the assembly.

Open the quote item and navigate down to the Assembly Breakout. Upload your components and select the respective process for components with the correct BOM quantity. Additionally, you can create sub-assemblies, and add purchased components. 

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