What's New in Paperless Parts - March 9, 2020

The latest updates includes the new material calculator, archiving parts, more assembly improvements, and more!

These features are already enabled for you - let's check them out!

Material Calculator is Now Available!

Use the Material Calculator to quickly calculate your material costs, nest parts for sheet metal, and reference Online Metals pricing.

We added a "Material Calculator" button right in the quote item to make this more accessible.

Archive Parts in the Part Library

You can now archive parts in your part library. Click on the archive icon and select the parts you want to archive.

Mark Parts as ITAR from the Viewer

If you are an ITAR shop, you can now mark parts as ITAR from the viewer. When you mark parts as ITAR, any quote item using that part that is not sent will be updated as ITAR.
The Parts page now also shows parts marked as ITAR.

Bulk Assign Process, Material, and Finishes for Assembly Components

When working with assemblies, you can now select multiple components and assign their process, material, and finish.

New Assembly Level and Per Quote Item Level Operations 

In addition to the "Per Setup" option for CNC Mill process, there are now two additional settings for operations:

Use assembly operations if you want to have operations that only apply to the top-level assembly. These operations can now interact with things like the number of manufactured and purchased components in your ops. An example operation to use this with is an "Install Hardware" operation that accounts for the labor involved with adding hardware to the assembly.

Per quote item operations can be used to have operations appear only on the top-level item to account for operations like order processing that you only do once per assembly. An example operation you might use this with is any sort of "Admin" or "Order Processing" operation that only applies once for a single part or at the top-level assembly.

Reach out to support@paperlessparts.com if you want to review your operations with our team or add these new operation types.

Mark Operations as an Outside Service

You can mark operations as an outside service when creating new ops or while you are quoting. Simply expand the operation and mark toggle it as an outside service. This is helpful for differentiating between internal and external operations.

Updates to Operations Modal

The operations modal is now a drawer that appears from the right side, giving you more space to see your operation variables.

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