Remote Upload Instructions

You can securely transfer your historical data to Paperless Parts to be indexed and included in your Part Library.

Part 1: Create a secure key

Files will be transferred using SFTP, a secure protocol. On Windows, you will need to install WinSCP, a free SFTP client. You can download WinSCP here:

Download and install WinSCP using the default settings.

Next, we will create a public/private key pair. This enables you to transfer the data securely without the need to email a password.

After starting WinSCP, drop down the Tools menu and select Run PuTTYgen:

Then click the Generate button:

You may need to move your mouse around for a few seconds to “generate randomness”. After the key is generated, save the public key and the private key into different files using the “Save public key” and “Save private key” buttons. We recommend saving these files onto your desktop and naming them public.txt and private.ppk. Do not set a passphrase. You will need to confirm you want to save the private key without a passphrase by clicking Yes.

You can now close the PuTTY Key Generator window.

Once those files are created, send public.txt to The private key (private.ppk) should be kept secret and never shared with anyone. Treat this like a password.

The Paperless Parts support team will then create your account on our file transfer server using this public key. Please allow 1-2 business days. Save the key files until you complete Part 2.

Part 2: Upload your files

After your account is created, our support team will email you with your username for this file transfer.

Open WinSCP and enter the hostname, port, and user name on the Login screen like this:

Next, click Advanced, and pick Authentication from the menu on the left. Under “Private key file” click the “...” button and select the private.ppk file you created and saved in Part 1. Then click OK.

Optionally, you can click Save to remember these settings if you need to transfer more files later.

Then click Login. The first time you connect, you will see a screen like this and need to click “Yes”.

 If an error occurs, please double check host name, username, and port number. If you still can’t connect, contact our support team.

Once you connect successfully, navigate to your parts folder in the left pane. In the right pane, double click the folder with your username. 

You can then drag your entire parts folder, or select the files and folders you’d like to transfer, and drag them to the right pane. The files will be queued and the transfer will start. For a very large number of files, this transfer could take many hours, or even days.

We suggest preserving your folder structure, which typically has important metadata about the part files, such as customer name or job number. This data will be indexed into Paperless Parts to provide valuable context when quoting a repeat part in the future.

When the upload is complete, please contact support to let us know. Then allow up to one week for the parts to be completely indexed and added to your Paperless Parts account.

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