What's New in Paperless Parts - November 8, 2019

This release includes viewer improvements like exploding assemblies, custom interrogations for customizable DFM, 3MF support, and much more!

Explode Assemblies in the Viewer

You can now explode assemblies in the viewer to see exactly how components fit into your assemblies.

Customize DFM Warnings using Custom Interrogations

We leveled up our customizability for manufacturability warnings with the new Custom Interrogations. You can now make customize DFM thresholds based on materials and manufacturing process. Learn more about Custom Interrogations. 

Enhance Your Account Security By Enabling 2FA

Enable Two Factor Authentication (2FA) for your account for additional security. You can access this from your settings.

3MF File Support

Paperless Parts now supports rendering 3MF files. 

Note: Colors and textures are not supported at this time.

Interact with the Unfolded Sheet Metal Part

You can now interact with the unfolded sheet metal geometry. The unfolded part will appear in the tree. You can now focus on the unfolded part, select faces to communicate details, get the bounding box, and more.

Upload and View CAD Files Uploaded as Supporting Files 

When you upload 3D CAD files are supporting files, you can now see them in the viewer.

Same Geometric Features Are Now Grouped Together In the Viewer

When geometric features have the same properties, they are now grouped together and presented in the viewer. This makes it easy to see how many holes and other features of the same type exist for a part.

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