Common Questions

How do you retain my data?

  • Files are stored in Amazon's ITAR-compliant "GovCloud" data center on the west coast of the US using end-to-end encryption. Files uploaded to a quote can be accessed only by the supplier and a small number of support personnel at Paperless Parts, all of whom are US persons. Files cannot be downloaded via the digital quote link emailed to a customer, although limited information about those parts, including basic dimensions a 3D view of that file, are available.

Can I upload ITAR Data to Paperless?

  • If your shop's subscription includes ITAR compliance, you can store and process CUI / ITAR data within your account. This feature allows you to mark parts as "export-controlled", flagging them as ITAR within your account and removing their part data from external communications (like the Digital Quote). 
  • ITAR compliance is available at certain subscription levels. Contact your Customer Success Manager or our Support team for more information on using Paperless Parts in a DFARS/CMMC environment.

Is Paperless Parts NIST compliant?

  • Paperless Parts understands information security is mission-critical for American manufacturers, and we have built our company with ITAR in mind from the beginning. We host our application on Amazon GovCloud and have an organizational structure in place to ensure all system administrators are US Persons. With DFARS now mandating NIST SP800-171, we are working toward full compliance with all 110 controls. We have completed an assessment and have instituted a formal System Security Plan (SSP) and Plan of Action and Milestones (PoAM). Manufacturers are trusting us with their data, and we believe we can be a core part of their compliance programs, particularly with respect to access control, secure storage, and secure transmission of Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).

How do I get paid?

  • Paperless Parts enables you to collect payment via Stripe, our 3rd Party secure and convenient processing provider. If the order is placed with a credit card we deposit it digitally to your bank within 7 business days from the time you ship the parts. The funds will be available to you based on your bank's discretion. 
  • If placed by purchase order your current process does not change and Paperless will send an invoice every month and charge the credit card saved in our platform (if you are on the transaction-based model)

How do I add Tax Rate to a Company Profile?

The following answer is not legal or tax advice -

  • Once the tax is enabled for the company it is important to “Apply to all Employees” in the bottom left of the edit modal in the company page or the customer profile will default to the current value which in this case was 0%.
  • If an engineer is the buyer and is working on prototypes then the parts might need to be taxed because they are not going into an end-user device that will get taxed when sold. Whereas on the other hand if a buyer at the same company is purchasing parts to be included in a product that will be sold, those parts might not need to be taxed.

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